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Be Urban Friendly

Urban environments are changing, the green shift aims to reduce the use of cars, which will require well-functioning public spaces and an increase in the number of cyclists, pedestrians and the use of public transportation.

Be Urban Friendly

These trends are already emerging and they show that that we require more of our public spaces. We expect that if we should leave our car at home, our city will make our journey as convenient and safe as possible. Public spaces would therefore require more products and solutions that protect and support vulnerable road users.

Today we have launched Citylife – a new Saferoad brand in the street and park furniture segment, which is developed by our subsidiary in Sweden, Saferoad Smekab. Citylife has its own brand platform and is strategically developed to position Saferoad in the street and park furniture segment and to meet the strong urban trends.  Citylife is designed as sub-brand, so it can be utilised by other subsidiaries that operates within the same segment, with Saferoad Smekab leading the way. 

The vision of Citylife is to get all people to feel comfortable in public spaces.