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Nomination Committee

The Nomination Commitee is established in accordance with the Articles of Association and the instruction for the Nomination Committee and consists of two to three members elected for two years at a time.

The Nomination Committee recommends shareholder-elected candidates for the Board of Directors and Nomination Committee to the Annual General Meeting of Saferoad.

Candidates are selected considering the competence and diversity, experience and capacity of each individual and by evaluating the Board of Directors as a collegiate body. At the Annual General Meeting, the Nomination Committee also proposes remuneration, reflecting the responsibility, competence, time and complexity of the work involved.

The majority of the Nomination Committee is independent of Saferoad's Board of Directors and Management, and its composition ensures the shareholder’s interests.

Nomination Committee Members:

  • Ingar Solheim (chairman)
  • Robert Furuhjelm (member)
  • Ottar Haugerud (member)