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The Board of Directors of Saferoad Holding ASA unanimously recommends a voluntary cash offer from FSN Capital V to acquire all of the shares of Saferoad

Oslo, 16 May 2018: The Board of Directors of Saferoad Holding ASA announces an agreement with WR Start Up 225 AS (name to be changed to "SRH Investco AS"), a company indirectly controlled by FSN Capital V (the “Offeror”) whereby the Offeror will offer to acquire all of the shares of Saferoad through a voluntary cash offer of NOK 30.10 per share. The offer price will not be adjusted for the proposed ordinary dividend for 2017 of NOK 0.90 per share. The Board of Directors of Saferoad recommends the shareholders of Saferoad to accept the offer..read more

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of Saferoad Holding ASA was held on Wednesday 23 May 2018 at 10:00 hours (CET) at Hotel Bristol, Kristian IV’s gate 7, 0164 Oslo. 

Click here to view the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting.

Financial Calendar

Investor information

Saferoad will maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders. We comply with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 1 March 2017. Saferoad’s investor relations section is aimed at serving all shareholders, potential investors, analysts and other stakeholders by providing consistent, open and prompt disclosure of relevant information.


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As a supplier of road safety and infrastructure solutions, Saferoad relies on the trust of our customers, authorities, and the general public. We have built that trust over more than 70 years of operation, through reliable delivery of high quality products and services, and by setting and rigorously maintaining high ethical standards for all our business dealings. Saferoad relies on a set of shared core values and a clear code of conduct to guide behaviour and to build a strong Group culture. Read more about Saferoad's sustainability work

Business Areas

Everywhere in modern society people are constantly on the move. Next time you are on the road, take a look around. Saferoad products and solutions are everywhere, contributing to a safer life for people on the move, whether it‘s by foot, bike or car. We want you to arrive safely. Learn more about Saferoad's business areas