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Leading supplier of road safety solutions

Protecting Lives. The driving force of our innovative strength

Mobility counts among the key requirements and challenges of our modern society. In view of the fact that thousands of people are killed in road traffic accidents every year, Saferoad RRS, as initiator and trendsetter in many ways, has been made considerable advances in road safety over 30 years. 

The driving force of our commitment is the distinct mission that safety is indispensable. The constant optimisation of our own developments in passive restraint systems is our on-going contribution to "Mission Zero" on the roads. Alongside our RAL guardrails we are committed to MegaRail, the product family meticulously developed and expanded by us.

Stationary Guardrails

MegaRail and SafeStar: Lightweight, simple and safe

Our product portfolio covers all areas of use on roads and motorways and can be easily adapted to local conditions and requirements. We constantly modernize and expand our product families in regard to requirements and conditions of many markets worldwide.

Bridge Parapets

Our innovative forces

Saferoad is a leader in designing and manufacturing a wide range of high quality bridge parapet solutions. Our RRS design team has a great wealth of experience and is able to realize all kind of systems which meet local requirements as well as of unconditional safety.


Crash Cushions of the highest performance class


The economical alternative


Smartest Energy Absorber

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