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Group Management

Espen Asheim
Chief Executive Officer

Espen Asheim was appointed Group CEO effective September 2018.

Espen has an undergraduate degree in Finance and Marketing from University of Oregon and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Mays Business at Texas A&M University.

He has previously held similar positions Egmont Publishing AS, VIA Travel Group ASA, Elektroskandia AS and Canal Digital AS.

Svein Vestermo
Chief Financial Officer

Svein Vestermo was appointed Chief Financial Officer in October 2015.

Prior to the CFO role, Vestermo has since 2012 held the position of Chief Group Controller and VP Risk Management following other financial management roles in Saferoad AS since 2006. Svein holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and Management from Nord University (Siviløkonomutdanningen i Bodø) as well as a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (former Trondheim Økonomiske Høyskole).  

Terje Myhre
Senior Vice President, Road Safety Nordic

Terje Myhre was named Senior Vice President, Road Safety Nordic in September 2016.

Since joining Saferoad in 2006, Myhre has held various SVP roles in the Norway division as well as the infrastructure, road marking and CEE departments. Terje has a Master of Business and Marketing from BI Norwegian Business School. He has previously been Managing Director of Kitron Oslo AS from 2003 to 2006, and Managing Director of Ecotron AS from 1996 to 2003.


Peter Lind
Senior Vice President, Road Safety Europe

Peter Lind was appointed Senior Vice President, Road Safety Europe in March 2011.

Lind has been employed by the Group since 2011. Peter holds a Master of Science in Economics (Diplom Kaufmann) from the University of Trier. Lind started in road safety business in 1997 and joined Saferoad in 2011 after the German road restraint system company named Lind Verkehrstechnik, which he founded in 2006, merged with competitor to Bongard & Lind and later was acquired by the Saferoad Group. 

Leszek Janusz
SVP Road Infrastructure
Chief Executive Officer, ViaCon Group

Leszek Janusz was appointed Chief Executive Officer of ViaCon Group in January 2018.

Leszek holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Poznan University of Technology.  Prior to the CEO role, Leszek has been managing director of ViaCon Polska and regional director of ViaCon's operations in Central and Eastern Europe. Leszek has 20+ years of experience in this business and has been part of ViaCon in Poland since its beginning in 1997.