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Soil Steel Bridges

Versatile bridge structures for road and railway applications

Soil steel bridges

The most important parameters when designing bridges are strength, function,aesthetics, cost and service life time. The possibility to use the effective soil steel bridge solutions has increased during the last decades due to the combination of the strong SuperCor profile and accurate design methods. Buried flexible steel structures MultiPlate, SuperCor, UltraCor are used for the construction of culverts, bridges, underpasses, overpasses, tunnels and animal under and overcrossings. 

They are also very common in re-lining applications to renovate existing structures. Steel structures are made of galvanized corrugated steel plates with spans reach more than 30m. MultiPlate, SuperCor, UltraCor structures are simple and easy to assembly.
Soil-structure interaction between steel structures and surrounding backfilling allow the structures to take all kinds of motorway and railway loads.Advanced anti-corrosion protection and proper design will allow for 100 years lifetime of service.
Key advantages of Soil Steel Bridges
  • Reduction in total time and cost of building a bridge
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Possibility for partial or total prefabrication of structures
  • Light weight - can be delivered economically to remote locations
  • Less environmental impact