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Signs & Work Zone Protection

Traffic signs, variable message signs, LED, gantries and posts, warning trailers and mobile barriers

signs and work zone protection

Due to a general growth in traffic and the drastic increase in international transit in the course of EU expansion, the number of roadworks is rising steadily. Saferoad offers a wide product and service range including road signs, steel and concrete barriers, permit administration and education.

Saferoad is a complete manufacturer of traffic signs in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Poland, within which markets all signs are manufactured according to national rules and regulations. We design and produce our own range of sign posts and gantries, both in aluminium and steel. Our passively safe sign posts are tested and approved in accordance with EN 12767.

We offer mobile barriers that secure strong restraint forces on impact and guide meeting vehicles safely back to the driving lane. By separating two-way traffic on motorways, temporary barriers help to prevent severe accidents. All our systems comply with the highest local requirements, stipulated by specific standards and guidelines.

In Saferoad, we always offer project specific planning of all construction measures in our traffic projects; we also prepare required traffic sign plans and approval procedures and we obtain traffic law injunctions. We pride ourselves on safely accommodating both the users of the road as well as the workers performing tasks within the work zone.