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Street Furniture

City infrastructure develops everyday and the number of people moving in public spaces is increasing. For Saferoad it is important to offer products and solutions that contribute to urban prosperity. We offer an intelligent, sustainable and aesthetic range of products that creates safe and functional urban areas.


Moving by bicycle has been and still is increasing in all cities. We offer a wide selection of bicycle stands, bicycle shelters, pumps and counters that will fit well to your design and infrastructure.

Urban furniture

Saferoad offers a wide range of furniture for public spaces. Our selection consists of benches, tables, litter bins and planters that will meet your requirements for design, functionality and sustainability.


We offer railings that gives stable area protection. Our railings can be used along roads, pedestrian/bicycle lanes, stairways, train stations, schools and parks.

Area protection

Saferoad offers a wide product range of flexible solutions for closing off areas. Various functions and features can be combined to fit where you want to create calm, confident and vehicle-free environments.

Mobile Noise Protection

The NoiseGard professional series is particularly suitable for temporary enclosures of machines, such as drilling rigs, but may also be used for noisy activities such as sporting events or concerts.

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Mobile Noise Protection: