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Other business areas


Through our company, B.Berntsen, we offer products to the transmission market.

A reliable and well working electricity supply is imperative for the modern society, all components must be adapted to the environmental impact they will be exposed to.

For the last 100 years, B.Berntsen AS has been among Norway’s leading suppliers of hardware, components and towers for the 1-420kV OHL power grid. In 2015 B.Berntsen AB was established with responsibility for the Swedish power market, offering galvanized steel material to net owners, entrepreneurs and wholesalers.

Rock support

Our rock support products can be found in tunnels and mines across the world.
The patented CT-bolt is our main export item. We also offer other main components within rock support, such as steel bands, bearing plates and anchoring components. This is primarily equipment for stabilisation purposes and the products are designed to last more than 50 years in aggressive environments. All our rock support products can be delivered hot-dip galvanized or CombiCoated.

Our modern production equipment ensures efficient production and enables us to maintain a high level of quality and reliable supplies.


Yes, provided it is designed, engineered, produced, manufactured and built for durability. We think all marinas should be. Because a marina should be a safe and welcome place for boats and boat owners, as well as a good investment for the developer.

Through our company, Vik Ørsta, we offer a wide product range includes breakwaters, concrete pontoons, steelpontoons, gangways, walkable fingers, mooringfingers, fenders, moorings, safety equipment and more for your boat place.

Our marina systems are known for quality, functionality and longevity. Our skilled staff provides professional assistance in projecting and mounting. 

Gantries/Catenery poles

Railway is the infrastructure of the future. It is environmentally friendly, moving large numbers of both passengers and cargo, thus reducing pollution from cars and trucks.

Through our company B.Berntsen, we manufacture and supplie a wide range of steel and aluminum components for the railway, spanning from catenary systems for tunnels to antenna towers for the new ERTMS-system.